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    Move Slider Above – We can improve collateral blood vessels which improves heart health.


    Natural Bypass Therapy

    Save your heart from Surgeries !

    Imagine living a life with scars, putting steel wires in your chest bone and stapler pins in your heart

    Shocking isn’t it ? If your heart can survive this and you can live again it’s because your

    body heals itself after the surgical trauma to bypass your arteries. Your body accepts the metallic stents and heals it. So what if you decide to work on yourself naturally and heal your heart ?

    We offer cardiac rejuvenation therapy to heart patients who believe in natural holistic treatment as a correct way of treating their hearts.

    We create an alternate blood supply in your heart of small collaterals which increase blood supply to the heart in one month. One has to go to the root cause of the disease to expel it permanently . This is tedious however if one resolves it is not impossible. However with expert help impossible becomes possible and hard becomes easy. We help our patients treat and reduce their heart blockages with our unique proprietary lifestyle modification program. This is developed and researched by Dr Pratiksha Gandhi along with her team over the past twenty decades treating over 100,000 patients .

    Would you like to join the natural bypass revolution ?


    Dr. Anuj Shrivastav

    Dr. Anuj Shrivastav is a Non-Invasive Cardiologist attached to various hospitals in Mumbai . He is a Consultant Cardiologist at Bombay Hospital , Surana Sethia Hospital , MPCT Hospital . In Recent years He is a part of 6 monthly Camps to Fiji in Collaboration with Govt of India. He has multiple diagnostic & Cardiac care Centers (ECHOPOINT IMAGING CENTRES & Dr. Anuj’s EECP Centres ) Opp. Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel,Malad and Surat.


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    EECP Treatment in Mumbai


    The Non-invasive Treatment for Angina, Coronary Artery Disease & Heart Failure


    Every year, Dr Anuj EECP performs 40,000+ EECP treatments.


    Trusted by providers at leading institutions like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins.


    Dr Anuj EECP’s proven approach to ECP is trusted by more than 1,000 physicians.


    EECP Dr Anuj EECP has clinically proven benefits that last for years after treatment.


    There are more than 400 peer-reviewed research publications on EECP.


    88% of patients see significant improvement without surgery.


    EECP Dr Anuj EECP is FDA approved, and covered by Medicare and all commercial insurances.


    Dr Anuj EECP has clinically proven benefits that last for years after treatment.


    Which type of heart patients can be given the ECP treatment?

    EECP Treatment in Mumbai

    ECP treatment is evidence based and US FDA approved treatment in the following cardiac patients.

    The first group are patients who have already undergone a bypass surgery or an angioplasty and repeat procedures are not possible in this category The second group are patients who have been advised surgeries but are at very high risk and their heart pumping is low.

    EECP Treatment in Mumbai


    EECP Benefits

    What We Offer

    What Can Offer for You

    We are seamlessly merge two key components – friendly nature and latest technology machine. We are uniquely deploy cross-team benefits with wireless testing procedures.
    Dr. Anuj Shrivastav

    Dr. Anuj Shrivastav

    EECP is the first nonsurgical, non-pharmaceutical, mechanical treatment for patients with chest pain and heart failure. It helps to increase blood flow to the heart muscles deprived of adequate blood supply. The beneficial effect obtained after the completion of treatment persists for years together. Thus any need for surgery is totally avoided/need for intervention reduced.
    You may be a candidate if: You have chest pain / shortness of breath Your medical treatments not able to relieve your cardiac symptoms. You have already had a cardiac surgery and symptoms have returned Your physician has informed you that you cannot undergo bypass surgery or Angioplasty You are not willing to undergo invasive Bypass surgery / Angioplasty
    EECP involves 35 days of treatment. Each treatment session is for one hour and the patients are asked to come six days a week for six weeks. It is very important that the patients adhere to the one-hour time schedule fixed by the hospital or medical center and that the treatment is continued without a break.


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